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Certified Teachers
Nathalye Alvarado
Teacher - Kinder - Rm 20
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Irma Burrell
Teacher – 3rd grade - Rm 8
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Janice Byrd
Teacher – 1st grade - Rm 15
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Cynthia Cave
Teacher - KDG - 3rd / EDSC - Rm 6
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Mary Grisham
Teacher - Inclusion PreSchool - Rm 5
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Nina Jolly
Teacher – Kindergarten - Rm 18
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Vanessa Luera
Teacher - 4th grade - Rm 14
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Jennifer Martin
Teacher - 2nd grade - Rm 11
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Karen Marquez
Teacher - 5th grade - Rm 19
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Laura Oberg
Teacher – 3rd grade - Rm 16
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Lucy Patterson
Teacher - 5th grade - Rm 18
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Joseph Reene
Teacher - 3rd-5th / EDSC - Rm 9
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Lisa Sartori
Teacher – 4th grade - Rm 13
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Sharon Waddill
Teacher – 1st grade - Rm 17
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Certified / Resource
Kelli Baker
Reading Interventionist
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Tina Baker
Speech Pathologist
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Ilsa Bednar
Counselor - Rm 32 
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Lona Chacon
EX ED CCS - Rm 4
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Christopher Conforti
Psychologist- Rm 23 
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Kelly Finfrock
GATE Teacher- Port. E
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James Gutierrez
Band Teacher
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Virginia McCormick
Adaptive PE
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Nina Miller
Math Interventionist- Port. C
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April Monroe
Social Worker - RM 23
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Matthew Morondos
MTSS Facilitator- Portable B
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Vanessa Ortega
Nurse - Wednesday
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Suzanne Robertson
Physical Therapist
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Flor Robles
ELD Teacher - Rm 7
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Holly Schurr
OMA String Specialist
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Elizabeth Tucker
OMA Arts Integration Specialist
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Maura Whetstone
Occupational Therapist
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Reyna Montaño  520-232-7200
Office Manager  
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Lee Deslatte 520-232-7200
Attendance and Registration Tech
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Alexandria Cook  520-232-7200
Health Assistant
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Marcia Tenebruso 520-232-7218
Community Liaison - Rm 3
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Kathy Brown
Teacher Assistant Grade 3

Melissa Carroll
Teacher Assistant - Grade 4
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Kweshon Cuff
Custodian - AM

Krystal Darby Alderete
Monitor and Enrichment Inst. 
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Jeanne Dugan
Ex Ed Teacher Assistant Rm 6 
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Gilbert Garcia
Custodian - PM

Marina Gomez
Ex Ed Teacher Assistant - Rm. 6

Christine Hansen
Teacher Assistant - 2nd grade

Terri Hitchings
Ex Ed Teacher Assistant - Rm 5

Libby Jones
Ex Ed Teacher Assistant - Rm 9

Victoria League
Library Assistant/Monitor
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Pilar Mendibles
Teacher Assistant - Kinder

Hanna Moyer
Ex Ed

Sofia Romero
Teacher Assistant - Grade 5

Helen Silva
Food SVS - Lead

Susie Tellez
Food SVS- Manager
Contact Ms. Tellez by email

Soraida Vargas
Teacher Assistant - Grade 1

Corinna Woods
Ex Ed Teacher Assistant - Rm 6
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