Staff Directory

Certified Teachers
Nathalye Alvardo
Teacher - Kinder Rm 20
Contact Ms. Alvardo by email

Irma Burrell
Teacher – 3rd grade  Rm 8
Contact Mrs. Burrell by email

Janice Byrd
Teacher – 1st grade Rm 15
Contact Mrs. Byrd by email

Cynthia Cave
Teacher - KDG - 3rd / EDSC - Rm 6
Contact Ms. Cave by email

Mary Grisham
Teacher - Inclusion PreSchool - Rm 5
Contact Ms. Grisham by email

Nina Jolly
Teacher – Kindergarten Rm 18
Contact Mrs. Jolly by email

Vanessa Luera
Teacher - 4th grade
Contact Mrs. Luera by email

Jennifer Martin
Teacher - 2nd grade
Contact Ms. Martin by email

Karen Marquez
Teacher - 5th grade, Room 19
Contact Ms. Marquez by email

Nina Miller
Math Interventionist Portable C
Visit Mrs. Miller's website 
Contact Mrs. Miller by email   

Laura Oberg
Teacher – 3rd grade  Rm 16
Contact Mrs.Oberg by email

Lucy Patterson
Teacher - 5th grade  Room 18
email will be provided at start of 2022-2023 school year

Flor Robles
Teacher – K-5 ELD Resource  Rm 7 
Contact Mrs. Robles by email 

Lisa Sartori
Teacher – 4th grade  Rm 13
Contact Ms. Sartori by email

Sharon Waddill
Teacher – 1st grade  Rm 17
Contact Ms. Waddill by email
Certified / Resource
Kelli Baker
Reading Interventionist
Contact Ms. Baker by email

Tina Baker
Speech Pathologist
Contact Ms. Baker by email

Ilsa Bednar
Counselor - Rm 32 
Contact Ms. Bednar by email

Mattie Brokaw
Speech Pathologist - Preschool
Contact Ms. Brokaw by email

Lona Chacon
EX ED CCS - Rm 4
Contact Ms. Chacon by email

Christopher Conforti
Psychologist- Rm 23 
Contact Dr. Conforti by email

Debra Jacobs
Occupational Therapist (OT)
Contact Ms. Jacobs by email

Matthew Morondos
MTSS Facilitator- Portable B
Contact Mr. Morondos by email
Visit Mr. Morondos's website

April Monroe
Social Worker - RM 23
Contact Ms. Monroe by email

Vanessa Ortega
Nurse - Wednesday
Contact Ms. Ortega by email

Holly Schurr
OMA String Specialist
Contact Ms. Schurr by email

Elizabeth Tucker
OMA Arts Integration Specialist
Email will be available at beginning of 2022-2023 school year.

Garrett Young
G.A.T.E. Teacher -  Portable E
Contact Mr. Young by email
Reyna Montaño  520-232-7200
Office Manager  
Contact Ms. Reyna Montaño by email

Marcia Tenebruso  520-232-7200
Registration/Attendance Tech. 
Contact Ms. Tenebruso by email

TBD    520-232-7218
Community Liaison Rm 3

Melissa Carroll
EX ED Teaching Assistant - RM 6
Contact Mrs. Carroll by email

Krystal Darby Alderete
Monitor and Enrichment Inst. 
Contact Mrs. Krystal by email

Alexandria Cook  520-232-7200
Health Assistant
Contact Ms. Cook by email

Jeanne Dugan
EX ED Teacher Assistant RM 6 
Contact Ms. Dugan by email

Christine Hansen
Teacher Assistant - 2nd grade

Terri Hitchings
EX ED Teacher Assistant - RM 5

Victoria League
Library Assistant/Monitor
Contact Ms. League by email
Visit Ms. League's Library Webpage

Pilar Mendibles
Teacher Assistant - Kinder

Jaime Pallanes
Custodian - AM

Helen Silva
Food SVS - Lead

Susie Tellez
Food SVS- Manager
Contact Ms. Tellez by email
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