Peter Howell Elementary

School Photos - Hoot Gibson Visit
Former astronaut Hoot Gibson visited Peter Howell Elementary to share captivating tales of his space adventures and emphasize the importance of STEM fields. Mr. Gibson engaged with students by signing autographs, taking pictures, and answering questions from all grades. The event kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for our school's garden, where seeds previously sent beyond Earth's atmosphere were planted by our principal and the esteemed astronaut.
Former astronaut Hoot Gibson signs an autograph for a girl with short blue hair
Former astronaut Hoot Gibson pets Howell's chicken
A group of students listen to former astronaut Hoot Gibson, and raise their hands to ask him questions
Howell's principal and former astronaut Hoot Gibson plant seeds that were sent into space
Former astronaut Hoot Gibson hugs a young girl after his presentation
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Howell Elementary School lives by its “S.O.A.R. with Four” motto, which encourages students to show respect, be on time and ready to learn, act safely and be responsible always. Above all, Howell wants students to embrace responsibility.

These common goals impact everything:  from the way students act in the hallway, to how they behave on the playground, to being responsible for their education. Howell creates students who are problem-solvers with high-level thinking, high-level questions and project work in classrooms. 

The school offers a variety of programs to enhance learning, including OMA (Opening Minds through the Arts), GATE (Gifted and Talented Education), Exceptional Education, dance, music and art integrated instruction, math club, Student Council and sports such as cross country, basketball, track and Girls on the Run.